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Individual subscription

108$ / Year

By subscribing to MailBrother extension, you agree to MailBrother`s Terms of Service

  • Why do you need a MailBrother subscription?

    All MailBrother functionality is available for free. But its free version comes with unique lettering for all emails, indicating that your emails have been created with MailBrother.

    If you want to send emails without any traces of the MailBrother extension, subscribe to one of our plans.

    Using a subscription also means our specialists have your back for complete support, advice, and assistance in using the extension – at any time.

  • Individual Plan

    Individual Subscription is great for sending emails using one email address. It can do the trick for those working solo, like freelance marketers and online business owners. Individual Plan is for you if you prefer to do it on your own rather than delegating email campaign creation and impact monitoring to someone else. It allows you to benefit from white-label emails, but this is only available to one account linked as part of your subscription.

    Please Note: Individual Plan only works for one sender. If you want to add another sender, you will need to activate another Individual Subscription or switch to Team Subscription.

  • Team Plan

    There are several Team Subscription options for businesses of all sizes. These options are based on how many Gmail accounts you want to connect to MailBrother, or – in other words – how many of your employees are going to use the extension. You can select any number of users for your subscription, from 5 to 100+, which can be a rational plan for startups or enterprises. Plus, the cost of Team Subscription is determined by the number of users, so you aren’t paying for unnecessary functionality.

    If you’re a freelancer, you can rely on MailBrother Team Subscription to run multiple marketing campaigns for your clients simultaneously. This can also be useful for companies using email marketing to promote several projects at once.

    Select the number of users for your plan and enjoy everything MailBrother has to offer.